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K K Insurance believes that insurance needs are like fingerprints – different.

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About Us

At K K Insurance, we work on humanitarian principles. To us, that means being there, emotionally and financially, for a customer who has suffered a loss. And it means responding to the needs of the community when disaster strikes, with money and volunteers.


You need insurance coverage, be it to protect your home, auto, business, the future of your loved ones, or a variety of other needs. We offer all types of insurance under one roof. Most insurance companies will offer you similar services. But as a customer, you must know how the services are offered, and what value you’re getting. Because these things can make a big difference later on. K K Insurance has been providing services that are dependable, world-class, and extend well beyond the sale of an insurance policy.

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Good atmosphere! Great service!

I would like to thank you guys for helping me get my home insured. I now feel protected. Great offering, competitive pricing, excellent service!

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